Robotic Automation Solutions

Robotic automation solutions can be applied to an ever-increasing variety of tasks, from heavy lifting to dexterous repetitive roles, which are potentially harmful or onerous for humans to perform.  CR Automation will work with you to identify where robotics can fit into your process to improve throughput, lower operating costs, increase quality and improve the health and safety of your workforce.

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End of line palletiser

Our end of line palletising systems incorporate ABB industrial robotics for maximum reliability and flexibility and can be adapted to suit any plant, product and throughput rates.

Multi-product palletising

Our multi-product palletising system uses a single robot and gripper to service multiple product lines, providing high machine outputs on a small footprint, even with a high number of SKUs.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

By turning manual materials handling into robotic delivery routes, AMR’s maximise productivity and allows workers to focus on higher-value tasks. CR Automation can integrtate AMR’s into factory-wide workflows to deliver materials to and from automation equipment, people, racks and shelving.

Custom Robot Cell

CR Automation offers a full range of industrial robotics from large robots to collaborative and bench top robots. Together with our expertise in mechanical design, industrial automation, system simulation and machine safety give us the tools to tailor an industrial robotic solution to your specific application.

Custom Machine Design

Our R&D philosophy is born from years of developing and supporting machines for 24/7 production environments.

At the heart of our process is understanding your required business outcomes, working closely with you utilize your expertise in your business and processes.

Robotic servicing
and maintenance

All robotic automation solutions are supported by regular servicing and maintenance. We also support other pre-existing robotic installations to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.

Case Studies

Tumu Timbers had an interesting problem that needed a robotics engineering solution. They simply couldn’t find people for the specialised task of manufacturing pallets.
Kraft Heinz needed a robotics and automation solution that could keep up with the speed cans come out of the hydrostatic cooker, getting cans onto pallets, ready for labelling.