Our automation solutions have literally changed the way our clients do business, giving them greater efficiencies, a competitive edge and the ability to access new markets.

This is because automation optimises processes, reducing downtime and waste when you need to be operating at peak output. Many industrial processes can be fully automated, increasing reliability, repeatability and safety within your operation. The net result is a better return on the bottom line.

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Automation Solutions

Robotic integration

Supply and integration of miniature, to high speed, to high payload robots.

Effector design

Custom end effector design and manufacture.

Automated picking

Implementation of high-speed picking by robotic or semi-robotic technologies.

Automated palletising

Multiple stack pattern carton palletising.

Product handling

Out of the ordinary product handling of various sized objects with magnetic or clamp grippers.

Machine Vision

Vision systems to process, sort and identify objects at high speed in real time.

Automation with Robotics

Robotic automation solutions can now be applied to a variety of tasks, from heavy lifting to dexterous repetitive roles, which are potentially harmful or onerous for humans to perform.

Ongoing servicing
and support

More than being an automation solutions provider, we’re also your partner for ongoing servicing and support, ensuring you keep running at peak efficiency. We also service existing installations from other providers.

Case Studies

We won the tender for the industrial automation and control of a green field site for Solid Energy working with a potentially explosive product: sawdust.
After our factory automation systems work for Ardagh in Hastings, we were approached for a turnkey electrical and control system design and installation in NSW.
For Craggy Range, we upgraded and maintained an extensive automation and control system, across a variety or processes, including two site wide SCADA systems.
The Pernod Ricard winery in Marlborough consisted of many independent machines with no common controls or oversight of the whole wine making process. We designed and deployed a site wide SCADA system solving these issues.
At the heart of Kraft Heinz’s central processing facility is a hydrostatic cooker capable of processing and cooking 60,000 cans of food at any one time in a continuous process. It is an integral part of their business and a potential breakdown presented a significant financial risk.
Hawk's new greenfield site required us to design a factory automation solution for complex industrial process with different machines, liquids, chemicals and flow rates.
We have a long working relationship providing winery automation services for Indevin Partners, keeping them at the forefront of the winemaking industry.
Having a proven history and reputation for automation design at other fertiliser service centres, Ballance Agri-Nutrients asked us to develop a design for a green field site.
Tumu Timbers had an interesting problem that needed a robotics engineering solution. They simply couldn’t find people for the specialised task of manufacturing pallets.
Kraft Heinz needed a robotics and automation solution that could keep up with the speed cans come out of the hydrostatic cooker, getting cans onto pallets, ready for labelling.