Winery automation that's maturing like a great vintage

Our Client

Indevin Partners

Project Scope

We have a long working relationship providing winery automation services for Indevin at their Gisborne winery. For more than a decade, we have implemented and developed SCADA and PLC systems to keep them at the forefront of the winemaking industry.

The CR Automation Solution

Over the years, we've developed, improved and integrated every part of the winery control system, including crushers, must handling, presses, tank temperature and agitation control, refrigeration, power monitoring, pasteurisation, barrel room temperature control and more.

We've managed electrical installations, assisted with industrial IT design, and PLC and SCADA software development. Industrial networking connected their two winery sites and associated processes for centralised management.

The results

Indevin have evolved from a winery with stand alone PLCs and panels, to an interconnected operation linked with an industrial network, and a SCADA solution controlling two winery sites.