A scalable water and waste water engineering solution

Our Client

Whanganui District Council

Project Scope

A key role of any district council is to provide and maintain essential infrastructure, including potable (fresh) water and the disposal of waste water. For the Whanganui District Council to provide these services to more than 40,000 residents, these two systems consist of over 50 bores, reservoirs, pump stations and treatment plants spread over an area of more than 100km² of varying terrain.

The CR Automation Solution

Until mid 2012 there had been almost no telemetry system. Most of the sites operated as stand-alone installations with no active monitoring. To collect the operational information required for consents and reports, data loggers were installed at a number of sites. This information then had to be downloaded, collated and analysed manually - a task taking a considerable amount of time.
We had the opportunity to build a greenfield application for the council. This consisted of specifying the SCADA software, system architecture and standards. Wonderware's ArchestrA System Platform allowed us to implement an intuitive, fully scalable solution.

The results

Even before metrics could be derived for the project, WDC noticed immediate results in cost saving, particularly in the reduction in fuel to drive between sites, which is now only required for faults and maintenance. They get quick accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities, and instant accurate reporting data.
Looking to the future, WDC has a modern, scalable SCADA solution in which to further improve infrastructure.