Post harvest automation for the cleanest, driest fruit

Our Client

CAJ van der Voort

Project Scope

CAJ van der Voort run a big packhouse operation, putting through hundreds of thousands of cartons of fruit every season. When they came to us to for a post harvest automation solution for a new build, green field site, they told us handling, washing, drying and packing had to be done to the highest standard.

The CR Automation Solution

The new packhouse development required us to integrate our equipment with another supplier, a company based in the Netherlands. Trying to marry up two different systems is often a recipe for problems, but we worked out how to drop in a seamless solution, then tested it and made sure it was robust.

The results

CAJ van der Voort have a state of the art packing facility for apples. We gave them a solution that ensured quality, reliability and throughput. Their feedback was that they’re getting the cleanest, driest fruit they’ve ever seen. Their investment is now paying big returns, maximising the yield that goes to market and giving them access to new high value markets.