Packhouse design for a competitive edge

Our Client

Mr Apple (Longlands, Hawke’s Bay)

Project Scope

Packhouse design provided us with a different type of challenge when Mr Apple closed one facility and asked us to consolidate the old equipment into another facility. They had just acquired a new facility in Longlands which made the old facility redundant, but they wanted to keep and use as much of their old equipment as possible. Our challenge was to consolidate the two sites.

The CR Automation Solution

Instead of approaching the new packhouse design as simply a ‘how to fit it all together’ scenario, we approached it from how we could make their operation more efficient. We designed the concept, reconfigured the existing equipment, acquired new equipment where we needed it, and assembled on site. The beauty of the solution was the automation that made it all work.

The results

Our solution realised the full potential of the site. The core equipment is the same, but we were able to increase the production line up to the speeds of high volume sites.