Machine safeguarding at the factory level

Our Client

Our client operates a large timber processing facility.

Project Scope

Nobody understands the importance of machine safeguarding like the timber industry. From forestry to processing, the timber industry is constantly tasked to manage hazards. Our client operates out of an old plant which had historic non-compliant safety issues. Workers had multiple access points to hazardous machinery. Our brief: work out a way to make it safe.

The CR Automation Solution

The advantage we have over other machine safeguarding providers is we have both the design skills and the practical understanding of what’s required to put a safety plan in place. Our design reduces access control points and simplifies access to hazardous areas. It puts control measures onto all access points and safe stopping for all machinery. Finally, we documented a safety validation plan with a staged approach to minimise downtime.

The results

Our client has approved capital expenditure for the installation of the solution.