Machine risk assessments with benefits

Our Client

Our client is a leading European machine importer.

Project Scope

Our client asked us for machine risk assessments for foreign machinery to ensure it was compliant with New Zealand safety standards. It demonstrates a move from manufacturers to take charge of health and safety, to provide assurance of safe operation and to reduce culpability for workplace accidents. Our job was to mitigate potential risks for the importer, supplier and end users.

The CR Automation Solution

We obtained, reviewed and checked manufacturers’ documentation from Europe. We identified the gaps between foreign standards and New Zealand standards. Where there were potential risks, we made cost-effective recommendations to align the machines for New Zealand best practice.

It was a three stage solution involving consultation, electrical work and implementation. CR Automation is TUV NORD certified, CMSE (Certified Machine Safety Experts), and qualified for TUV certification.

The results

We provided machine risk assessments with benefits. As well as ensuring imported machines are safe to use, in some cases we identified the opportunity to improve the productivity of the machine. Safety doesn’t have to compromise productivity.