Upgrade the old presses to impressive standards

Enza Nelson

Our Client

ENZA Foods

Project Scope

ENZA Foods’ facility in Nelson made apple and fruit juice on three Bucher presses with antiquated relay logic and mimic panels. Operators had problems and efficiency was compromised.

Diagnosing faults and electrical work in the old panels was hazardous, and ENZA had a limited capacity to optimise and customise processes.

Our brief was to make those problems go away.

The CR Solution

We reverse engineered the hydraulic and process controls to identify inefficiencies and limitations, and developed a new ‘smarter’ process in conjunction with the client. The client identified a number of mechanical innovations and we developed unique software to enhance the process.

Our ‘factory floor’ experience added innovation to the delivery of the pomace to the plant and we automated delivery from the press to the peripheral process equipment.

The Result

ENZA have been able to optimise the yield of the juice from the presses increasing it by approximately 25%. Smaller simpler control interfaces for operators have reduced their training time. We also added process consistency through automation which is essential in the food and beverage industry.