Optimize machinery and mitigate risk to production schedules

We are able to reverse engineer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) control systems. Primarily, reverse engineering mitigates risk to your operation. OEM control systems are often ‘locked up’ by the provider. Program changes are limited, can’t be made, or can only be made by the provider.

Changes, upgrades, and additions are often expensive. Over time, parts become obsolete, faulty or are no longer practical or the OEM may no longer exist. Reverse engineering allows you to maintain control of the intellectual property used for process control. It is also significantly cheaper than buying a new system. Additionally, we add value to your system with evolving technology. In most cases we will be able to improve your system and customise it to your specific requirements.

Reverse Engineering Services

  • Determine process improvements
  • Create a functional description
  • Integrate with overall control systems and/or SCADA
  • Program and commission in the chosen hardware platfrom
Reverse engineered

Client Solution

Mitigating risk to control systems from unsupported PLC hardware

Ardagh Hastings

Ardagh's high-volume canning facility in Hastings had unsupported PLC hardware. A shutdown presented a significant risk to their production schedules running into millions of cans.