Our multi product Palletising system utilizes a single robot and gripper to service multiple product lines giving high machine utilization and a small footprint, ideal for produce with a high number of SKU’s.

Key Materials Handling Capabilities

  • Infeed Systems
  • Carton Handling & Palletising
  • Numerical system Modeling
  • Machinery Design & Layout
  • Factory & Plant Automation
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems
  • Robotics
  • Product Tracability Solutions

End of Line Palletizer

Our end of line Palletizing systems incorporate ABB industrial robotics for maximum reliability and flexibility.

3d design systems allow us to design a palletizing system to suite your plant, product and throughput rates

end of line palletising

Retort Crate Loading / Unloading

We have experience designing vacuum, magnetic and mechanical robot grippers to handle a wide range of packaging types.


Our Work

steriflow robot 


Multi Product Palletising Services

Intralox ARB

intralox arb

Pallet Trolley

pallet trolley

Product Stacker

product stacker

Carton Conveyor & Kickoff

carton conveyor and kickoff