Targeted washing system designed for removing pests from Apple Crops

Meets MPI requirements for exporting Apples from New Zealand.



The CR Automation high pressure apple washer was designed based on research by Plant & Food NZ to be the most effective pest removal system on the market today, traditional washing methods at best can achieve an ALCM removal rate of no better than 50% when running in optimal conditions, customers using the High Pressure apple washer have reported removal rates of up to 98%.

Machine Function

Apples are gently singulated in a flume and loaded into individual elevator pockets, each apple passes under 2 rotating spray wands comprising of 6 spray nozzles discharging 11 L/min at up to 350PSI.

While under the rotating spray wands each apple is rotated 2.5 times to ensure maximum washing effectiveness.

System Components

  • Flume Singulation

  • Singulating elevator

  • High pressure pumping system

  • High flow filtration unit

  • Rotary wand washing manifold

  • Controlled fruit rotation

  • Touch screen control & advanced PLC controls

CR HPW slide

Key Features

  • Multistage filtration up to 150m3/hour of water down to 200 microns reducing water consumption and protecting pumps and nozzles from blockage.
  • ¬†Adjustable wash wand height to enable washing optimization for different sized fruit.

  • Touch screen control & advanced PLC communications ensuring seamless line integration and simple operation.

  • Customizable pressure settings to ensure delicate fruit does not get damaged

  • Stainless steel construction

  • AS/NZS 4024 Machine Safety Compliant

  • Meets MPI Requirements for exporting apples out of NZ

  • Sensor controlled pump speed to ensure compliant pressure is always maintained.

  • Nozzle wear routines compensate for wear extending the usable life of your nozzles.

  • Self-diagnosing algorithms will inform the operator if the spray nozzles require maintenance ensuring export compliance.

Wand Washing Mechanism

hpw wand


This machine is offered in 3 sizes: 5, 9 and 12 lanes.

The High Pressure washer is designed to run at 3 speeds, 120, 140, 160 rows / minute, depending upon the specific flume and dumper set up pocket fill rate can vary, however typical roller fill percentage is between 70%-80%, the table below shows typical throughputs for the different sized machine.


hpw dimensions

High Pressure Apple Washer Services


5 Lane

9 Lane

12 Lane

Throughput @ 120 Rows / min




Throughput @ 140 Rows / min




Throughput @ 160 Rows / min




Pumping Power Requirement





Elevator to washer slide