Customisable Modular Palletising System

Suitable for 2 piece cartons, sealed cartons and crates


Initially designed to meet apple packhouse demands for the gentle handling and stacking of apple Z packs.

The Compact Robotic Paletising Cell is a modular versatile palletising station for up to 4 concurrent SKUs at

up to 18 cartons per minute per cell while occupying minimal floorspace.

end of line palletising2

Key Features

  • Each cell palletises 4 SKU’s simultaneously
  • Our standard robotic head is optimised for telescopic 2 piece cartons
  • Other robotic head designs available on request for crates and sealed cartons etc
  • Palletise at a rate up to 18 cartons/min per cell
  • BDR infeed conveyors typically fed via pneumatic kick-offs from a main trunk line
  • Pallet outfeed AGV ready option available
  • Comprehensive system diagnostics, analytics and reporting available
  • Local MCC control provides a modular expandable system
  • AS/NZS 4024 machine safety compliant

antipodes concept 2 planview


End of Line Palletiser Services

  • Customised palletising solution for your product
antipodes concept 2