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Robotics and Automation underpins the move by industry to become cleaner, safer, more sustainable, and energy efficient, while remaining competitive and profitable.

 Post Harvest Technology

  • Apple
  • Citrus
  • Kiwifruit
  • Stonefruit
  • Cherries
  • Avocado

Material Handling

  • Empty Carton Handling
  • Carton Handling
  • Sortation and Tracking
  • Palletising

Cool Storage

Longview 3 hybrid
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Apple Wash System

Designed specifically for the New Zealand export apple industry this machine meets the pressure, flow, and geometric requirements for apple washing as dictated by the Ministry of Primary Industries for exporting apples.
This unit is also great for preparing fruit for electronic grading removing dirt, debris, and reducing rot.


High Pressure Apple Washer

Developed in conjunction with industry experts our high pressure apple washer has been designed and tested for removing apple leaf curling midge and other pest infestations from apples in order to gain access to high value markets such as Japan and Taiwan.


End of Line Palletiser

Our end of line Palletizing systems incorporate ABB industrial robotics for maximum reliability and flexibility.
3d design systems allow us to design a palletizing system to suit your plant, product and throughput rates


Multi Product Palletising

Our multi product Palletising system utilizes a single robot and gripper to service multiple product lines giving high machine utilization and a small footprint, ideal for produce with a high number of SKU’s.


Custom Machine Design

With a large team of engineers and a wide range of experience in different industry’s CR Automation is uniquely skilled to partner with you for your R&D project or custom machine design.