Get an industrial system that does what you need

Changing technologies and the way our clients need to apply them continues to provide us with challenges. And we thrive on it.

Working with you to develop innovative systems and solutions to problems is our core strength. We have a huge knowledge base of solutions and applications for industrial process design, software, machinery, and installation. We understand a 'one-size-fits-all' approach doesn't work, so we adapt, change and customise systems to do exactly what you need to get the results you want.

Our aim in any installation is to produce a system that provides problem-free production with safe reliable assets and sustainable operating costs.

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One-off Solutions Services

  • Electrical design
  • Electrical sub-contractor supply or management
  • PLC & HMI supply and programming
  • VSD supply and configuration
  • Snsor and vision system supply and integration
  • Instrumentation supply and configuration
  • Machine safety
  • Servo motor control
  • Robotics
  • Production line integration
One off solutions

Client Solution

Complex requirements and a wide range of pack sizes made easy with CR Automation Robotics

Heinz Watties palletising

Heinz Wattie's needed a solution to pack 30 different types of products from three separate lines onto pallets in their central food processing facility.