A single source safety solution


Our Client

Carter Holt Harvey

Project Scope

Carter Holt Harvey operate a facility in Auckland manufacturing corrugated cardboard packaging products. An internal audit highlighted a potential safety risk to staff. As a responsible employer, CHH swiftly sought a solution.

The CR Solution

Working in conjunction with our strategic partner, DSK Engineering, we were able to offer CHH a turn-key solution.

We designed and installed fixed and interlocked guarding, and a fully integrated safety upgrade of existing machinery control systems. This included safety curtains, trapped keys, adding additional contactors to existing motor controls, the addition of a safety PLC with full diagnostics via the existing HMI. The safety fencing was custom designed and fabricated to suit the various spaces and levels which couldn't be provided by an off-the-shelf fencing system.

The Result

A custom-designed and purpose built safe working environment, implemented over weekends with no impact on production.