Identify and remedy site vulnerabilities

Legacy surveys establish where your site may be vulnerable in the event of equipment failure. They ensure all applicable software is current, documented, and backed up. If you do have equipment failure in the future, you can ensure your system is operational again in a timely manner.

We often find components that are critical to the plant operation which are black-box, unsupported, unobtainable or unrepairable. The legacy survey process uncovers these, and once identified we determine options for an upgrade or contingency plan.

Legacy Surveys Services

  • Ensure all PLC, HMI, SCADA, and device configuration software is current and backed up
  • Records of usernames and passwords arekept
  • Network addresses are documented and mapped
  • Devices are labelled
  • IO and device list documentation is up-to-date
  • At risk components are identified and options presented
Legacy surveys

Client Solution

A relationship maturing like a great vintage


Our relationship with Indevin Partners has matured like a great vintage. For more than a decade, we have implemented and developed SCADA and PLC systems to keep them at the forefront of the winemaking industry