Increase output and enhance production processes with robotics

Many industrial process can be automated. Automation optimises processes and increases efficiency, reliability, repeatability, and safety within your operation.

We have experience in incorporating robotic solutions for a variety of applications, from heavy lifting to dexterous repetitive roles, which are potentially harmful or onerous for humans to perform.

CR Automation's staff are experienced in the programming and integration of robotics in a range of industries.

Pet food 2

Automation Services

  • Supply and integration of miniature, to high speed, to high payload robots
  • Custom end effector design and manufacture
  • Experience with high speed picking with vision
  • Experience with multiple stack pattern carton palletising
  • Experience with out-of-the-ordinary product handling including:
    • Tin cans and metal lidded glass jars with magnetic grippers
    • 200L drums with custom drum clamp gripper
    • Bundled and shrink-wrapped packs with clamp grippers

Client Solution

Complex requirements and a wide range of pack sizes made easy with CR Automation Robotics

Heinz Watties palletising

Heinz Wattie's needed a solution to pack 30 different types of products from three separate lines onto pallets in their central food processing facility.